Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Backyard - If It's 5:00 On A Friday Night It Must Be Time For...The Providence Children's Museum!

News Flash! Friday night all-nighters? Concerts? Parties? Clubbing?


My time is now dictated by the wants and needs of the under 4' set. Since they're living with me, and I'm still not working and money is uber tight, I'm on a mission to find free or low cost activities to keep the grandkids busy. And me? Sane.

So far we've spent time at a playground a few blocks from home. We've also been to a huge park in a neighboring town that has a dog area, vintage carousel, top-notch play equipment, some gentle farm animals and a yummy ice cream stand. We've enjoyed some movies, both at the early low-cost matinee and an outdoor movie at the park ("Yogi" - kids had never heard of the pic-a-nic basket snatching bear but thoroughly enjoyed it!). They also enjoyed a day at a local state park swimming in a crystal clear fresh-water lake. They stayed in for hours!

But we need more ideas....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Really Should Have Listened to Oprah

I used to love watching the Oprah show. Every afternoon. I'd rush home from work, snap on the little color tv in the kitchen while whipping dinner together for the kids. Just in time. For an hour of power. A time of wisdom and clarity amid the hustle bustle of being a working mom.
Oprah had a way with words. A turn of phrase. And one of her favorite sayings has become one of mine:

Usually when some deep, meaningful kernel like this drips from Oprah's lips I am totally onboard. As she says, a true "Aha Moment". And I try to bear it in mind in all facets of my life.
But recently I realized that I had failed. I neglected to keep the above wise words front and center in my brain. And it came back to bite me in my wide backside.
Someone close to me had been showing me for a while who they were and I did not believe them. Instead I projected what and who I wanted them to be onto them. Clouding my eyes. And my perception of them.
Now they have shown me who they really are and my eyes have been opened. Wide.
Why am I surprised? Hadn't I seen the signs? They'd been there all along.
No. I wanted to believe. That's how I roll. I always want to believe that there's inherent good in the hearts of everyone. So I wanted to believe they were honest, kind and loving. That even though we came from different worlds, different generations I accepted them. Warts and all. We didn't always agree on music, books, movies, fashion, whatever, But I thought for sure we were on the same page when it came to family. Love. Trust. Loyalty. I thought we were friends.
I pushed aside my suspicions. And that was wrong.
I don't think I'll ever understand the choices people make. But I truly do understand even more the wise words from my tv mentor, Oprah:

Wordless Wednesday - The Night the Light Went Out in Florida

This isn't what you think. This is about a beautiful young lady, whose life was cut short far too soon. But its amazing how much she accomplished in such a short amount of time. Her ever-present smile was blinding - her spirit uplifting - her enthusiasm infectious. I never had the pleasure to meet her but feel blessed to have known of her. To hear her speak, to read her words. To feel her warmth, energy and positivity.

RIP sweet little angel. Thank you for coming into my life. You will not be forgotten.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Born on the Fourth of July

My father's birthday is on July 4th.
When I was younger I thought everyone was celebrating his special day.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Happy Birthday, America!