The Cat House

Mrrerowww! and hello.....I'm Meow. Short for Meow Ying. I just know you're very happy to make my acquaintance.

I'm descended from a line of gray tabby and Siamese felines. Hence, the beautiful, sleek white and gray coat of mine, my bright vivid blue eyes. I love to chat, just like my exotic Asian ancestors.

So let me stretch here a bit and tell you my story.

My beautiful tabby mother lived with a nice family. One day she met a handsome  Siamese gentle-kitty. and ... Voila! My littermates and I arrived!

One day, my owners came to visit the nice family and of course, they fell in love with me. How could they not? Purrrrr......

My owners adopted me and brought me to my new home where I tried to befriend their calico kitty, Skitzy. I couldn't understand why she was so aloof and unhappy. Why did she not want to be my friend? She didn't like to play kitten games and seemed so put off by my friendly overtures. She was always too busy for me.

Sadly, we weren't together very long. It came on suddenly. She became very sick. My owners tried everything they could to make her better. She had lots of doctor appointments. Lots of medication. But she got weaker. And sicker. She didn't want me around. She kept to herself, hid out in my owners' woman-cave. Behind the recliner. Sometimes she seemed to be feeling better. But I could tell it was all an act, for our owners' sake.

I was 2 years old when she left us. My owners took her to the doctor; my cat sense told me we were losing her. She never came home again. I looked and looked for her every day. I still sleep in the recliner in the woman-cave, hoping she'll come back and ignore me like she used to. But it's been 3 years. She hasn't returned.

Instead, my owners have allowed dirty filthy smelly dogs to take over my house! How could they? Wasn't my love and devotion enough? Hissssssss......

Dogs...hrumph! Don't worry...I stand my ground...this is MY house and I only LET them live way will they boss this top-cat around...they better get that in their stinky furry half-witted heads....meeeoooowww....

Never mind them. This is MY story. So we'll just ignore them for I usually do anyway...

We all co-exist in the same house...hard to believe, eh? It's not easy, but I'm a tough kitty, I can handle it.

I'll be back from time to time to tell you more about my adventures - come back and chat with me again!

Meeeeooooowwwww............................Welcome to the Cat House!


  1. LOL! I just saw your posting, Meow, and I must say I am quite sure there just may be a picture or two around of you and at least one of those dirty filthy smelly dogs relaxing together and perhaps even napping?! Don't worry though, you are still Top-Cat! ;)

    1. Sssshhhh...picture? what picture? I know nothing... nothing.
      But of course, I'm still the purrrr-incess round here. However, I am slightly puuurrr-turbed about some recent developments in my home - we've been invaded by puuurrr-fectly rude ANIMALS! Hisssss...I am not amused.


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