About Me

Hey! Hey! I'm Kate. And welcome to my life.

I'm a middle-aged (but don't feel like it and sure don't want to act like it) lady who has been through a lot of changes this past year (and NO, I'm not talking about THAT change ... lol!) and started this blog to document, journal and re-hash all that's happening in my little piece of the world.

I'm a life long New Englander (i.e. die-hard, long suffering Red Sox-Bruins-Patriots fan) who's been happily married over 30 years to an incredible man (rumor has it he's a Blake Shelton clone ... yeee-ow!) who, for whatever unknown reason, "gets me". I have 3 incredible sons who I'm immensely proud of. One of those sons has given me 3 amazing grandchildren who I love with all my heart.

Now that the sons have left the nest, I'm now the adoptive mom to a little Havanese family (mommy Sammi, daddy Jax and baby Thor) and a sweet Siamese kitty named Meow Ying.

I feel truly blessed to have such an awesome family!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!