Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Stone Unturned - My Ongoing Job Search

April, 2013.
Time for an employment update to my loyal readers.
Yeah, you!

And...nothing new to report.

I must say this whole process has been quite the journey. And an eye opener. A mind opener. Finding a job has become my job.

Looking for work is so much more than knocking on doors. Gone are the days of just filling out applications and submitting resumes. Job search strategy has elevated itself to an art form. And I've done everything I can to educate myself on what I need to do to locate that elusive job.

But mostly, I've stepped WAY outside my comfort zone, outside my box. And I must confess, it's a very uncomfortable place to be. But I can do this. I have followed every piece of helpful advice I've received from my career counselor and my loving friends and family. I've followed up on every lead sent my way. I have tried not to leave any stone unturned. For I'm learning that you just never know where that good fortune may be found.

Thank you one and all for your support, advice and encouragement.


  1. good things happen to good people. i feel good things coming your way.also people who have good luck will tell you the harder you work at something the luckier you will be at it. i would say you have some luck due in coming. god bless

    1. Thank you very much for your support. I believe in hard work, even when its looking for a job. I'll be on the look-out for some good luck!


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