Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If It's May, It Must Be Time For An Update.....

May. Such a special month. It ushers in images of flowers and feelings of warmth. Winter is a just a lonely cold figure in the rear-view mirror. Sunny days and beach outings are up ahead, around the bend.

Normally, it's a time when my mood is lifted. Life is good.


But things aren't so normal anymore.

Here I am. Unemployed. But I'm making progress.

I'm keeping busy. Job search. Going to networking events. I have my volunteer work. My friends. My family. My pets. And with the warmer weather, I have my garden and yard work.

And very soon, my son and his family will be moving back to RI...that will most certainly amp up my busy-ness quotient ten-fold, for sure!

Lately I've been thinking that perhaps there's some unknown divine reason that a job has eluded me. Something that will show itself to me...in time. When I'm ready. I must be patient.


Today a bizarre thing happened. I took hubby's car to get the oil changed. Simple, right? Um, nope. Was only in the waiting room for a few minutes when the service manager called me over. Seems there'd been a slight accident. A mechanic, driving my car to the service bay, rear-ended another vehicle.  I was stunned, to say the least. Of course I was reassured my car would be repaired and I was given a rental to use.

Hold on. I know you're thinking...where's she going with this story? And what the heck does it have to do with being jobless?

Just this. I kept my cool. One of the young men who works at the garage told me he was surprised I was so calm. I told him, "What good would it do?" Sure I was upset. But after being on this earth for more than half a century, I've learned there's nothing to be gained by getting all riled up over something I have no control over. All I can do is assess the situation, decide on a course of action and move on. No sense moaning and groaning over something I can't do anything about. The accident happened. No one was hurt. Cars can be repaired.

(Besides, if there's any yelling to be done, I'll let my 6'2" 250lb hubby take care of that! Ha! Don't think they'll be too happy to witness that...!)

I keep my chin up. Push forward. Stay positive. I can do this!

I've adopted a mantra. Stay calm. And as my loving hubby says....I will survive.


  1. That's my motto. Be positive! It's not always easy, but it keeps me young.

    1. So true. It's not easy, but necessary. I feel like if I allow negative thoughts in, they could cloud my vision of the good that's out there.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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