Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Cinema: Iron Man 3 - An Action Packed Marvel

Comic BooksFull disclosure: I am NOT a closet comic-phile. I didn't grow up engrossed in action packed comic books. I tended more toward the adventures of Archie and his gang. (And for the record, I was Team Betty!) Sure, I knew there were heroes and there were avengers. That there was DC and there was Marvel. But it wasn't until I had three comic book loving sons that I figured out the difference between a hulk and a hornet, a superman and a batman, a wonder woman and a supergirl. And thanks to my husband and kids, I think I have seen every movie based on the DC and Marvel storylines. (It was either that or be left behind...nah, I'd rather follow the crowd!)

Truth be told, I'm still not sure I could tell you which super hero is a DC or who is a Marvel and which ones are considered super heroes and which are considered Avengers. (Maybe they're one and the same?) I have no idea if the plots and characters in the movies are true to the original comic books. Still kind of fuzzy on who has what special talent and/or super power. And I'm definitely in the dark on the many villains.

What's a girl to do?

Let me tell ya - It puts me in a pretty good position to just judge the films based purely on how they are presented to me on the big screen. With no prior knowledge on the backstory or characters (except whatever I've learned from the previous movies). I don't even ask hubby or the kids for any hints.

All this brings me to last night - standing in line with hubby and dozens of anxious, excited young (mostly) male comic-con types - at the premier of the newest release based on a comic book character. Iron Man. Part 3.

And you know what? I can unequivocally say that by the end of the action adventure film...I liked it! Hey Mikey! Who knew? I really enjoyed myself. The film kept my attention from the very first scene to the last (that itty-bitty scene that comes after the 10 minutes of credits - I hope you all stick around for those, they can be quite entertaining, not to mention informative).

Sure it was jam packed with all the usual special effects. Good vs. Bad. Hero (masterfully played by Robert Downey, Jr.). Bad guy (i.e. Mandarin). Pretty girl (preppy, brainy Pepper Potts). Action. Explosions. Super powers. Intrigue. And the occasional sly bits of humor and "wink-wink" innuendo. Just the right combo. It also didn't overstay its welcome; it was a smidgen over 2 hours but sure didn't feel like it. (I'm so tired of the yawn inducing, marathon length movies Hollywood has been churning out lately. I mean, come on...3+ hour long movies (not counting all the fluff, commercials, previews, etc.)? Be real. Why do they think audiences want to vegetate for epic lengths of time in a stuffy theater, in an uncomfortable seat with some chatty kid kicking the back of the chair...okay, I digress...back to the movie...)

I think the part of the film I liked best is that they let the storyline flow and the characters act. It wasn't dependent on the special effects and the super powers. We watch as rich, narcissistic Tony Stark is forced from his pampered world and Iron Man armor, and must use his own resourcefulness to figure things out. He is, after all, the ultimate mechanic. And we get to see the mechanic out of his element, away from his mega-million dollar lab with its state of the art tools and computers. In this movie, he is off on his own, getting his hands dirty. It works. I found it very captivating to watch Tony work in the trenches using his own ingenuity, a few basic tools from the hardware store and some duct tape to find a way to save the world.

But, hey, go see the movie and find out for yourself. For fans and non-fans of comic books. For all ages. Guys and gals. This is a must-see movie!

Did you read comic books?
Which ones are your favs?


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