Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plop..Plop..Fizz..Fizz....Oh What A Relief It is......

For my older readers, do you recall that jingle? Good old Alka Seltzer for the relief for heartburn....

This tune played round my brain tonight. It's been a while since I've felt such a sense of relief. And no, I didn't need to resort to those fizzy tablets.

So you probably may have noticed I haven't posted on the blog lately. Been a bit distracted. Enrolled in a very intense 6-week course in a really good, but demanding college. As the first day of school approached, I got really nervous and apprehensive. Then it happened....I received a summons for jury duty.

3D Judges Gavel Great. Just great. Being in school is unacceptable for excusal from service. I don't want to drop from class before its even begun (tho if I do, I can get a full refund; if I have to drop out during the class because of the jury, I get nothing back). I move forward, hoping I won't be picked from the jury pool. (I'd been summoned before, sat around for 3 days in the courthouse and never got picked for a jury. So it could happen again...)

The first day of class I began to really sweat when I spied the Mac computers. I've never used one, and I don't have time to learn for this class. The teacher seems nice but he's speaking in a language I'm not quite familiar with (perhaps you are? I believe it's called "tech-speak"?).

All I can think of is the days I will miss from class if I have to serve on a jury. I know it will be a challenge for me just to keep up with the normal courseload. Really have my doubts about keeping up if I'm absent from any of the classes. I just know I'll fall too far behind. And if I can't complete the course because of the time in court, I'd have lost all the money I paid to get in the course. Not a nice prospect for sure.

I explain my dilemna to the teacher and he offers to help as much as he can but he can do nothing about getting me out of serving on a jury or helping me get my tuition money refunded. 

So I got thru the first 3 classes, without pulling out any hair. I've finished the first assignment without so much as a single sob or teardrop! Amazing!

But what's truly amazing is the answer to my prayers which came tonight. The reason behind my major sense of relief.  My jury duty obligation was canceled!! Yahoo!

Which means I can move forward with my class without this ominous cloud hanging over me. Without missing a single minute of class. Going back to school is hard enough without this kind of distraction hovering in the background. Thank goodness it's over.

How do I spell relief? C-A-N-C-E-L!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yes it is! It felt like a weight on my shoulders for weeks now. I feel 10lbs lighter today.

  2. Great news...now get to studying...lol


  3. isn't it CRAZY that we stress out BEFORE anything actually happens???? so happy that it worked out for you...i'm so proud of you for doing this...

    1. i know, right? i'm such a worry wart, i constantly stress out big time before every major event.
      thanks for your support!


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