Friday, October 26, 2012

50+ Fashionista

50+. That's me. Sounds so old. But I don't feel like an antique and I certainly hope I don't appear to be that old to all of you!

I read the following blog post:

What do you think? This bothers me. I love fashion. I've dreamed of designing clothes since I was a little girl and I helped my mother design and make clothes for my dolls. I even enrolled in retail management at the local community college. I wanted to live, breath and work in fashion. Trips to NYC were magical for me. I once even got to tour the inside of the Calvin Klein design house and almost fainted from the excitement.

Eventually my rational mindset intervened and I switched majors to business/law because I realized that the only way to make it in the fashion world was to be in/near NYC. Being married and a mother to 3 little ones, I couldn't pick up and disrupt my family's life by moving closer to the big apple. I gave up the dream and chose a more stable "normal" career.

Secretly I still voraciously read all the latest fashion mags and kept up on all the trends, even though I did not have the funds to afford them or the places and occasions to wear them. I salivated over the fabrics and colors, the beautiful designs.

And now here I sit. Still coveting the latest fashion and watching Project Runway wishing it was me on that show competing for the top prize and finally going after and realizing a long-held dream.

But no one wants us 50+ designers or consumers. Yet there are more of us than there are of them. And we have the bigger purchase power. It just doesn't make sense, does it? Much to my chagrin, I often come home empty handed after a day of shopping, even after visiting the biggest malls in the area. There just isn't much to choose from for someone like me.

My husband jokingly tells me I should start my own business designing for myself and for women like me. It would solve the problem and fulfill a childhood fantasy. Should I do it? Is now the time?

I know many of you are not in my age group yet, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you think?


  1. I am in your age bracket, and I feel your pain. Our minds and attitudes remain young, vital and vibrant, yet our fashion choices dwindle to meager options of staid and non-descript.

    Should you pursue your passions? Should you employ your talents? ummmmmm.....lemme think about it....YES! What have you got to lose by trying? I am fascinated by the possibilities!

  2. I second the comment- go for it! There is definitely many in this age group and hardly anyone targeting this group, so there is a need for someone like you. I have seen some of the clothes that are geared to "this demographic" and more often than not they are plain and boring. With your love of fashion and your fashion sense, I think you would create some awesome outfits! I remember the NY trip to visit the Calvin Klein studio fondly!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Debbie. I luv knowing I have friends who understand and share my angst. I do feel young at heart (and in my mind too) but yet fashions for those of my age don't reflect how I feel inside. Frustrating!
    Helen and Debbie: I will be looking at all the possibilities and I will try not to dismiss them because of my age.
    Thanks Helen for your kind words. I was wondering if you remembered our class trip! It was fun!

  4. Remember when the latest fashions came from Mom's treadle sewing machine?

  5. Oh yes, Howie. I remember an awesome dress she made for me that had daisies on it. Flower power! Groovy! I wish I could sew like mom did. Then I wouldn't be at the mercy of what corporate America makes and thinks I should wear.


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