Sunday, October 28, 2012


Welcome back to Rhode Island, Anthony Gomes!

Saw this mighty guitar virtuoso last night at local jazz/blues club/restaurant Chan's. Two of my sisters and a brother-in-law joined me. First we enjoyed a tasty dinner of chinese food and then prepared ourselves for the magic!

I first discovered Anthony about 6 years ago purely by accident. Hubby and I were looking to go out for some fun on a Saturday night. Chan's advertised a show starring a guitarist with an impressive background.

Anthony has been a #1 blues artist on Billboard. He's performed around the world and has played with the likes of greats like B.B. King, Robert Plant and the Dooby Brothers. Curious, we made plans to see this Toronto bluesman. And we are very glad we did. Thus began our love affair of Anthony.

We've seen him many times since then at Chan's when he makes his annual visit there. And its always a good time. Friends and family members have joined us at his shows; they've become fans as well. Anthony is a very skilled guitarist, from his monstrous thumping jams to his gentle sweet picking of the strings. What he does with his axe is criminal. Just listening to him play and seeing the obvious pleasure in his face (and it DOES show in his facial expressions, believe me!) as he performs his magic would be joy enough. But his soulful voice soaring during every tune transforms his performance into pure blues bliss. His undeniable musical talent, interwoven with his well thought out, meaningful lyrics surely establishes that Anthony has his feet firmly rooted in the blues. Though his music has a clear rock 'n roll edge, you really do feel the homage Anthony pays in his songs to all the blues greats that came before him.

Last night was no different. Anthony owned the room. He was on fire. He had that guitar wailing, talking, and screaming! His voice was crisp and clear as ever, the delivery ranging from tender to a roaring growl. He good naturedly bantered with the crowd and implored them to join him in bluesifying the room. And when he began one of my favorite songs, "Music is the Medicine", there wasn't any doubt that I would be on my feet to "shake my tail feather". One of my sisters quickly joined me; Anthony smiled and pointed us out as "the dancers".

His performance is passionate and personal. An emotional roller coaster. He sings of the ups and downs of relationships, peace and unity. And when Anthony reflects on the loss of his beloved grandfather, he pierces deep into the heart of his audience so they too can conjour up and share their own sorrow on losing a loved one.  

After the show, as always, I left with a cleansed soul. Uplifted. Ready to take on the world.

Big shout out to my sisters for joining me at yet another fantastic show!

If you're not familiar with Anthony, head on over to his website and give him a listen. ( I know you won't be disappointed. And if you hear he'll be in your neck of the woods, go see him! You'll be glad you did.

You got to see to believe.

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