Saturday, October 27, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches!

Unless you've been living under a rock these last few days, I'm sure you've heard about Hurricane Sandy. The Perfect Storm!! Storm of the Century!! A storm for the generations!! The headlines are blaring, warning us all on the upper east coast to be prepared. The weather channel is in its glory and having a field day with this one.

So are you ready? Have you stocked up on all the essentials: batteries, flashlights, candles, bread, milk, pet food and the very important nacho chips and tequila? If not, you could be in a heap of trouble if the weather warnings come to pass.

Did you check your generator? Radio? Fill up the gas tank in your car? Hope so! If not you still have about 24 hours before the leading edge of the storm reaches our shores.

Don't forget to check on your elderly relatives or neighbors to make sure they're alright. If you keep animals outdoors, make sure they're safe and secure.

It's Saturday, late afternoon. Hubby has taken care of the outside of our home and yard. We have groceries, paper goods and propane for our outdoor grill. Plenty of jugs of water. I think we have done all that we can to prepare.

I hope the storm isn't as bad as last year's nasty lady, Hurricane Irene, but some forecasters are saying it could be worse. I've heard reports of incredible wind gusts, 10"+ rain, 2' snow, deep flooding, downed power lines,uprooted trees, power outages. All the usual hurricane damage but on a massive scale. Not good, people!

Stay safe my friends. And let's keep in touch. I hope we all weather the storm just fine and life goes on as normal (and that Halloween can go on as planned).

Take care.

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