Friday, October 26, 2012

Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight.....

Tried something new tonight. Normally, I'm not that adventurous with food. But hey, this is my reinvention time now, right? Try new things, open my mind to new experiences.

So I went for it. Hubby and I went to Ted's Montana Grill in Cranston. Never been there before. We both had the same thing......drumroll please.........


Bisons dans la plaine
Photo Credit: om_man8 (Flickr) wasn't bad! Couldn't tell the difference from a normal beef filet. Matter of fact, it was quite yummy. It came with tasty garlic smashed potatoes and roasted asparagus for a filling meal.

Not sure if I'll make a habit of eating Bison. It was quite pricey compared to the beef prices. But I was proud of myself for stepping a bit out of my box and trying something new.

If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.

So.....what kind of "out of the norm" foods have you tried?


  1. Don't think we've had bison yet. Have had venison. Not my favorite. A bit dry, not as flavorful as steak.

  2. I wasn't crazy about venison either but bison surprised me by being very tasty. Try it!

  3. We ate at Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta before a Collective Soul show at The Tabernacle which is near by. Enjoyed the Bison burger and as you said not much taste difference between it and regular beef...also surprised at the

    My experience with trying new foods never seems to take flight..tried Sushi and that is just nasty imho. I went to Olive Garden Restuarant and tried the sampler platter.. Should have known better the stuffed mushrooms made me queasy looking at them and the Calamri was nasty....ha I took almost the whole platter back to work and my coworker was amazed I gave it to problem I


  4. Damon, I didn't know there was a Ted's in Atlanta. Good to know you also liked the bison. But yeah, those prices....yikes!
    I'm not a mushroom or calamari fan either. yuk! glad to hear you're such a giving person that you shared your meal with your coworker! Way to go Damon!


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