Friday, February 22, 2013

16830360 Minutes

11,688 days
280,506 hours
16,830,360 minutes
32 years

Yesterday was my 32nd wedding anniversary. Yikes! How'd that happen? Where'd the time go? Seems like only yesterday I donned an inexpensive mall prom gown and sauntered down the aisle of my childhood church towards a handsome smiling young man attired in the uniform of a U.S. Navy seaman.

In this time of high divorce rates, hubby and I appear to be bucking the trend. After all this time, we're still married. First and only marriage for both of us.  Even I have a hard time believing we've been married this long (never mind the few years we were together before we tied the knot).
We've been blessed with three wonderful sons, one loving daughter-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Shared the good times, the bad times. Ups, downs. Wins, lossess. Happiness, sadness. Laughter, tears.

Been through a lot. We've been homeless, and owned more than one home. We've experienced great health and life-threatening illnesses. Had careers, lost our jobs.

Dreams. Watched some come true and some slip through our fingers. Prayed. Some answered...some not.

We've driven each other crazy. And kept each other sane.

Cheered the achievements and embraced during the disappointments.

There were arguments. We always kissed and made up. And tried really hard to never go to bed angry.

Through it all we've been at each other's side and had each other's back. We're each other's support system, the biggest fan, the loudest champion.

11,688 days. 280,506 hours. 16,830,360 minutes. 32 years.
Since we said "I Do".
The day we recited our own vows in front of family and God:

I vow to work with you at building a lasting marriage.
I shall build it with love, hope, faith and trust.

I will fill our home with love and laughter. 
Through good and bad times, I will stand by you.
I will not be just a wife/husband, but a friend.
I love you.
♥♥♥ Happy Anniversary, darling!! ♥♥♥


  1. oh my gosh, i am sitting here bawling!!!! i didnt know you guys wrote your own vows!!! how sweet!!! happy anniversary again!!! love you guys!

    1. Aw, didn't mean to make you cry! Yeah, we wrote our own and combined it with a bit of the traditional. We had to make it our own, right? Thanks! We love you too!

  2. Congratulations! Loving the minutes and the hours, the days and the years! How wonderful. I'm flying to celebrate my parents' 60th wedding anniversary next weekend. Ain't love grand?

    1. Thanks! Have fun w/your parents. My parents just celebrated their 63rd. And still going strong. Love is certainly divine!

  3. Congratulations. I especially love "There were arguments. We always kissed and made up. And tried really hard to never go to bed angry." So smart.

    1. Thank you. We have a little wall hanging in our bedroom that says "Always kiss me goodnight". It's our reminder we should always put aside any anger, disagreements, tension, etc. before we leave the day behind. That way we wake with a fresh perspective, a cleaner frame of mind. It has served us well.


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