Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Tale of the Princess and the Louboutin

Boys 3. Girls 0.
I have 3 wonderful sons. No daughters. I've been asked if I wished I'd ever had a girl. "Nope," I say. "I grew up with 5 sisters and I don't need that kind of drama in my house." I welcomed boys. It was kind of new territory for me. (I have 2 brothers but they're 10 years older than me so there wasn't too much interaction.)
With boys there's always an adventure. They're little tornados. There's a magnet on my fridge that perfectly describes them:  "A boy is a noise with dirt on it". Little bundles of energy churning up the dust wherever they go. My boys kept me on the move. And I loved it!

However...confession...there were a few times I secretly wondered what life would have been like if I had a daughter. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so outnumbered around the house. Maybe I would have had a shopping partner to share my love of designer fashion. I thought if I ever had a granddaughter I'd get to find out.
Flash forward ► My youngest son and his wife started a family. First child: a beautiful...boy. Second child: a beautiful...boy. (I got a smidge worried. Was his family going to be a repeat of mine?) Third child: a beautiful...GIRL! The boy to girl ratio narrowed! She's 2 now. Will be 3 soon. The apple of her daddy's eye. Grandpa's too. We call her a princess. She's a diva. And I love it!

She's definitely girlie. Loves dresses. And dress-up. Shoes. Purses. Makeup. And pink.

Her room is full of Tinkerbell. Baby dolls. Teacups. And pink.

Don't even try to get her into pants or ask her to wear anything other than pink. You'll have a fight on your hands.

Gramma's girl for sure. Chip off the old block. And I love it!
Her mother recently posted a picture on Facebook of some shoes the princess likes. I'm used to the little angel sweetly asking Gramma to buy her the sparkly glittery little pink buckle shoes at Target. But these? They're not found at a department store like that. Oh no. She covets the divine...Christian Louboutin. Really? This just goes to show that her great taste in footwear is certainly hereditary. And I love it!

I'm so looking forward to watching this pint-size ball of pink energy and attitude grow up. Sharing fashion tips. Flipping through Vogue. Watching Project Runway together. Shopping excursions to the mall. Road trips to New York City. Strolling 5th Avenue. Adventures on Rodeo Drive. Just thinking about the future with this stylish little diva makes me so excited!

I finally have a shopping sidekick. A fellow fashionista. I mean, gosh if at 2 years old she's already wanting to style herself as a glamorous trend-setter, where will she be in 10 years? A Burberry beauty? A Chanel cutie? A Dior darling? Wherever and whatever she is, I'll be right by her side. My haute couture companion.



  1. love this!!! and yes, kylie is all about the louboutins!!!!!!!!! makes her mama proud!!!

    1. she's our Princess Kylie! makes all of us proud. she's awesome!


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