Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paradise How I Love Thee......Boston & Blackberry Smoke

I wrote the following last week. I was out on a date w/hubby. Went to see a band we both love and hadn't seen in quite a while....

Sigh.....out. In Boston. Paradise Rock Club to be exact. Had to walk a mile to get here. It's freeeeeezing. No parking anywhere. Grrrrrr.... but I'm here. Praise the Lord...and pass the biscuits. My Mecca. My safe place. Music. It washes all my sins away...(well, some of them anyway). definitely raises the blood pressure and sets the toes a-tappin'. Glory be! My heart is singing. Rejoicing actually. I'm about to see one of my fav bands. They may not be household names....yet. But gosh darn they're good....Blackberry Smoke....yee-haw!

Can you tell I hadn't been to a concert in a while? Argh!


  1. I need a live music fix soooo bad! There is nothing like tha raw energy washing over you, the rhythme competing withour own heartbeat, the adrenal rush - yes, it washes away the sins, heals the broken heart, soothes the weary soul... So glad you got to hit the Paradise (so many good memories in that room!) and have some fun!

    1. You are truly my soul sister. We think alike! Must admit it felt strange to not be there with you or Becca. And to be there with hubby? Who would normally be asleep or off at work. It was nice to be with him.


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