Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Red Carpet - 5 Most Iconic Movie Looks of All Time

It's that time of year...when cinema's best is announced. The awards are bestowed. And for some of the winners, they become household names.

No, I'm not talking about the movies. I'm talking about the fashion! All hail the red carpet and Joan Rivers! (Guilty pleasure confession: I love watching Fashion Police!) Who cares how well you acted in the movie, it's all about how you look and "Who Are You Wearing?".
Thinking about tonight's grand entrance of the glamorous movie stars at the Academy Awards got me waxing nostalgic on how the movies costumes influenced the general public.

For instance, did you run out and buy a sweatshirt only to rip it all up and wear it ala "Flashdance"? Were you styling a tight white t-shirt like Stanley (i.e. Marlon Brando) in "Streetcar Named Desire"? Or did you simply add an accessory or two to your everyday outfit like the Wayfarer sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in "Risky Business"?

Looking back I can see there were a few movies that greatly influenced how I dressed then and how I dress today. Here are my top 5 iconic movie looks of all time.

          5.   Karen Lynn Gorney "Stephanie" - Saturday Night Fever
          4.   Melanie Griffin "Tess McGill" - Working Girl
          3.   Julia Roberts "Vivian Ward " - Pretty Woman
          2.   Diane Keaton "Annie Hall" - Annie Hall
          1.   Audrey Hepburn "Holly Golightly" - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993)
Of course there were other fashionable movie characters that I adored (but could never pull off their looks): all the women in "Devil Wears Prada", Kate Hudson's character Penny Lane in "Almost Famous" and Elle Woods (i.e. Reese Witherspoon) in "Legally Blonde" come to mind.

Your turn. What movies or movie characters influenced your fashion choices?


  1. Sex in the City, Devil Wears Prada...but alas, i wear performance wear...i love fitness, it makes me happy, it suits me....but totally lacks STYLE :(

    1. Love those looks, too, Jackie! But they're so glamorous I just can't pull it off on y short, chunky frame. And ever since I was laid off I've been living in my fitness wear. No style, but its keeping me comfy and clothed!

  2. I am not really the stylin' kind of girl, I am the comfortable kind of girl. Love those looks but probably not on me. LOL


    1. Those WERE my looks. My unemployed status has pushed my dressier duds to the back of the closet and the comfy outfits front and center. No need to get dressed up and fancy to sit around the house while I job search online.
      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy!


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