Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Heaven's New Angel

Yesterday a beautiful vibrant woman left this earth. Left her family. Left her friends. Way too soon.

I didn't know her as well as I would have liked. Time and space kept us apart.
Music and Collective Soul brought us together. And kept us connected.

This isn't the end of our song. Not a goodbye ... but a "so long, until we meet again".
I know we'll forever be joined by the soul ... soul sisters to be exact.


by Edgar Eugene Roland, Jr.
The sky now divides
To bring you back into the fold
Welcome home
Still my need to recognize
Any comfort you may show
Only grows
Guess I'll learn to accommodate
While my heart just sits and waits
Maybe God you found
Maybe is all that you can offer now
Where am I to take refuge
When the storms of pain release
Shelter me
This blessedness of life
Sometimes brings me to my knees
I call on thee
I have not the words to write
A Farewell to you tonight
Maybe God you found
Maybe is all that you can offer now
I know hearts are weeping
While your voice is now singing
On high, angel on high


  1. Very beautiful KT. MAYBE is an awesome song, and I, myself, never got to meet Judy, but was blessed to have her as a fellow soul sister on FB. I was always hoping that I would be able to meet those gorgeous blue eyes in person someday, and MAYBE, I will when I leave here. She seemed like an awesome person and I know so many other soul sisters will miss her terribly.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. Judy lived in my area a few yrs ago and I was fortunate to get to meet her and enjoy Collective Soul together w/her. But she moved away before I could get to know her better. She DID have the brightest blue eyes and prettiest smile. And was a lovely human being w/a good soul. She'll be missed by so many.

  2. yep, she's only left in body. She's still with us . . . her spirit lives on. I believe that.

  3. Nice tribute Kate...Thanks !


  4. That was a very nice tribute to Judy, Kate. Thank you for doing it. We will all miss her. Someday, I hope that we will see her again. The concerts just won't be the same for me because I can no longer share them with her. We have lost a friend and so much more. :(

    1. Thanks, Deb. I totally understand. Shows aren't just performances for us, they are a gathering of friends who share a common bond. Probably one that others outside the circle may never understand. She will be missed.


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