Saturday, December 22, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End - And That Includes Vacation

I'm home. Back in my own old lumpy but comfy familiar bed. Surrounded by my forgiving dogs and kitty. They've gotten over their irritation with us for being gone so long. We're all back to normal, whatever that may be.

In a previous post I mentioned how our vaca was in 2 parts: first we visited oldest son in the Orlando area and then we visited youngest son and his family in the FL panhandle. We were relieved to see that the grandchildren were very happy to see us! Of course, not unexpectedly, the first words out of their mouths was something along the lines of "What you got for us in your luggage?" After all, our 4 year old grandson thinks hubby is "Papa Claus".

We spent a week with them doing all kinds of holiday things. We even sent the youngest and his wife off for a much needed night away and had the grandkids and the house all to ourselves. We got some gift shopping in while they were away.

We did:
  • Went to see Rise of the Guardians. Super good! Kids loved it!
  • Went to a beautiful deserted national park beach at sundown. Very nice!
  • Went to a zoo after dark for "Zoo Lights". It was filled w/holiday decorations! We rode a festive train into the African safari while singing along to Christmas carols! But the part the kids loved best was the bubble making machines that created bubbles 4' high! (A Floridian's idea of snow? Lol!)
We also did:
  • We celebrated an early Christmas Day. Lots of laughter and squeals of delight from the kids as they opened gift after gift.
  • We ate a scrumptious Christmas dinner!
  • We strolled the local Harborwalk Village by the ocean. Brought a yummy picnic along. Kids created holiday crafts. They met with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and whispered their gift list to the jolly old elf.
  • We took in a dance recital of young locals performing songs from the Nutcracker.
  • We watched a flotilla of lighted boats sail by after dark in a beautiful Christmas parade.
  • We oohed and ahhed at towering bright fireworks that burst open and lit up the harbor sky.
Our grandchildren kept us in stitches. Connor with his goofy self and role playing of "Captain Rex" from his beloved Clone Wars. Logan using his silly imagination, especially when he closed his eyes so he could see snow while we decorated the tree (because to him it's not Christmas unless it snows). And little Kylie, the princess, amazed at seeing the man in red everywhere, squealing "Santa Claus is on a boat" when he floated by in a lit up schooner.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Before we knew it, our time in Florida was over. The ride to the airport was long. Bittersweet. Part of me was happy to be heading home, but the mother and grandmother in me was crying inside all the way home. Oh how I wish we could all live closer together and see each other more often.

Needless to say the joy I felt on vacation came to a sudden screeching halt and my heart fell with a resounding thud. Maybe I should just pull the covers over my head, reminisce about the wonderful times in Florida and start thinking about next year's Christmas.


  1. I just popped over from my website. We have one grandchild and so far we are Poppa and Nona. I'm pretty sure she was taught those names but I love being Nona. You have a nice looking website with all the pictures.

  2. Hi Sheila. Thanks for visiting! Hubby and I are Gramma and Papa. Sometimes our oldest grandson teases hubby and calls him "pops" (which he KNOW annoys hubby...but its all in fun and too cute!)
    Thanks for liking my pix. I consider photography a hobby and I'm working really hard on it (matter of fact, I just started a college photoshop class to help me along.)
    Hope to connect with you again real soon!


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