Monday, December 3, 2012

Writing - I'm a Pro

I've been working on a resume. Make that a few different resumes. (I'm giving myself a better chance at employment by heading down a few paths hence the need for more than one.)

Part of creating this 8½ x 11 personal billboard is highlighting my skills. What do I do best? Tough question since I'm my own worst critic so it's hard to look at myself and say "Gosh, aren't I great at this?".

So I got in the imaginary "way back" machine and took a long look at all the jobs I've ever had to see what stands out. I thought about what I loved to do at each job. And what my employers told me they thought was something I was very good at.

And there it was.......writing. It stood out loud and clear. And if I go back even further (ahem....back to the stone age period of my youth) i remembered how much I loved my English classes and the "writing" projects and homework. Yah, I know. Such a nerd, right? But I adored words. The dictionary. Adjectives. Prepositions. The thesaurus fascinated me. Sentences. Paragraphs. Grammar. Spelling. Poetry. Essays. Short story. No composition was off limits.

Heavens, I salivate over blank notepads and comfy jumbo grip medium blue ink pens. My hands just start itching to fill the paper with WORDS!
Each job I've had gave me lots of opportunity to write. Draft letters. Briefs. Contracts. Data Requests. Investigative reports.

The opportunity to write was there. But therein lies the problem: I was writing for someone else. Writing for something else. Not for me. Not my thoughts. Not my point of view. I eventually developed writers block and haven't written for pleasure in many years.

But now is my time. I'm taking full advantage of this bump in my career road to finally write for me. What I want. Even if no one reads it. Even if no one likes it. And I've found that the block is lifted. I wake every day ready to fill the page. (Okay, so now its a blog page and not a notebook.) But hey! I'm thrilled!

Not sure how long this phase will last. For all I know, I'll soon be back in the 9-5 grind, pumping out the written word for someone else and the block will return. But I'll try my best to continue to hone my craft as long as I'm able. Because gosh, its something I'm good at. What I'm a pro at. 


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