Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Found My Dream Job on Southwest Airlines! (sort of)

Are you blessed to be able to work in your dream job? Is it everything you've wanted? Hoped for? If so, then consider yourself very VERY lucky. I'm not thinking it's the norm.

If your job is more nightmare than fantasy, do you ever stop and think about what you would rather be doing? If you could wish upon a star for the ultimate job, what would it be? Who would you be?

Me? Depending on the day of the week, where I'm sitting, who I'm talking to, my mood, the weather, etc...I could come up with lots of ideas.

I've often pictured myself as someone who works in an archive - a curator - keeper of the artifacts. Maybe at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Or the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Ah! I would so love to be able to just be in close proximity of all that glorious history!!

But recently on a return trip from visiting my kids and grandkids in Florida, I read an article in the Southwest Airlines magazine, Spirit, about a guy named Tristan and his really really amazing job. And I want it!! (the job, not the guy....I AM a married woman, after all....)

Job Title:  Margarilla
Photo Credit - Jonf728 (Flickr)

Tristan can be found working the tours of that ultimate beach musician...the messiah of parrotheads everywhere...Jimmy Buffet. He also co-manages the Margaritaville brand's marketing. What? How did he get such an uber fantastic job?

How cool is that? It's like the perfect occupation for me. I qualify on many levels. Let's count the ways:

  Margarita     (my fav cocktail, natch!)
  Music           (duh! no question I'm a HUGE music fan not to mention a lover of
                          songs about oceans, paradise and juicy fruit!)
  Travel          (only my number one hobby!)

Now THAT'S what I call a fantasy gig! If you read my previous post on relaxing, then you know how much I adore a good margarita. Nothing like a tall, icy glass of liquid sunshiny goodness...bring on those limes! (but hold the salt!)

Now how do I find a job like that? Wait a minute, can something like that even be called a job? It's from another latitude...with a totally different attitude than anything I've ever experienced before. 
Sigh...I know, I know. Fat chance. But hey, I can dream, right? So - back to the sky gazing...now where the heck is that shooting star? And can ya hand me that cheeseburger... thanks.

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