Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Work Work Work - BlogHer Challenge

So you've probably read a few of my recent posts and may have wondered...."what the heck is she talking about?.....why is she going on about what she's so good at...and who cares if she thinks she's a follower...and how come she's suddenly thinking she wants to be a teacher???" What's going on?
Here's the scoop. I recently accepted a challenge from the BlogHer website. NaBloPoMo (i.e. "NAtional BLOg POst MOnth") for December. Writing a post a day. December's theme? Work.
This should be enlightening. Interesting. There's sooo much that can be written about work. Just that four-letter word can mean so many different things to so many different people. A career. A job. Homework. Housework. Stay at home parent. Adult caregiver.
Feel free to join the conversation. Leave a comment. A response. I'd love to get your feedback and thoughts on "work". What does it mean to you?


  1. oooooo....easy for me (now) USED to mean having stuff,, a new car every 3 years, a six figure salary, office...and missing all of 1st grade with my son.
    now it means, getting him on the bus...managing to pay our bills, we are happy, i smile...noone's starving means seeing people smile when they CAN afford a Coach bag, new jeans, sweaters...recycling, being good to the planet...being a small business owner in the world of Target & Walmart...doing the right thing...
    you'll find it...i know you will....

  2. i envy you Jackie. i too am re-evaluating what it used to mean to me. i'm realizing more and more that what i really want is "time". more time with my family, my friends. more time to enjoy the world around me. walking through malls kinda makes me sad now. there's so much "stuff". there's really nothing unique being sold. that's why i'm liking the small shops.
    my dad was a small business owner. somehow he made it work...raised 8 a small house he owned outright. we never had much, but we had enough. and i think that's my aim not go overboard. to have enough to be healthy and happy.


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