Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teacher! Teacher!!!

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a teacher. I used to play school with my sisters. And my dolls. They were the students. I was always the teacher.

School DeskMy dad must have gotten an odd job cleaning a school because one day a few old wooden desks appeared in the back yard You know the ones where the chairs are attached? With an inkwell hole in the upper corner? I lined them up, sat my sisters and dolls in the chairs and started their daily lesson.

My husband says I still act the same way (except I don't try to teach my dolls anything these days). And that I missed my calling. I should have been either an English or history teacher. I just can't help it. I have this compulsion to always impart my wisdom and knowledge on him and anyone else who unknowingly and mistakenly gives me their undivided attention. Sorry! Can't help myself!

And don't think my need to teach is limited to academia. Oh no. It doesn't stop there. I'm also a driver's ed teacher extraordinaire! I've taught many people how to drive: my kids, one of my sisters, a niece and nephew. And they all passed their road test with flying colors, thank you very much!

I just love teaching. Showing others what I've learned. I almost feel like its my duty to share what I know because I want everyone to be "in the know".

Oh dear. Maybe I should re-think my career reinvention. Perhaps I should look into teaching. But what field? What level? Argh!!!

Why do I make things so much harder on myself? Teacher! Teacher! I need help!

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