Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Florence Nightingale I Can Not Be

So I posted yesterday about my ultimate fantasy job. And that begged the question: What kind of job would I NOT want to ever do?

The first occupation that comes to mind is anything in the medical field. I think dealing with patients day in/out would be way too difficult for me. It has nothing to do with blood and/or guts, needles, scalpels, etc. I'm not particularly squeamish about all that.

The Stethoscope It's just that I don't think I'm emotionally tough enough to deal with the pain and agony. The life and death. How could I keep my feelings at bay and be all business like when nursing an injured child or critically injured baby? My maternal instinct would surely kick in and I'd be wanting to take that little one in my arms and hold them, rock them, and try to kiss the hurt away. I just don't understand how nurses and doctors do it day in and day out - how do they hold in their emotions? Not become overwhelmed or unaffected by the human suffering all around them? Not break down when they realize that all of their medical technology and knowledge won't be enough?

No, the medical field is not for me.

How about you? What job would be too hard for you? Emotionally? Physically?


  1. A lot of people in the medical field do burn out. I had wanted to be a psychiatric nurse until I realized I am not capable of professional distance and would burn out really rapidly...

  2. Suzi, I didn't know you thought about the medical field. I could definitely see you in that kind of role tho. You are a very compassionate person and very knowledgeable. You'd be an asset to the patients.
    But I totally get the burn out thing and the difficulty in keeping a professional distance. That's a tough gig!

  3. I watched my mom become dissociative when she worked in the NiCU. Watching little babies be so sick and so many not make it just broke her. I knew if she was this affected, I would be too. She loved her work and was very good at what she did. She worked ICU & CVU first,, then the NiCU. It was just too much suffering and loss for her to absorb. I know myself well enough to know that my instinct would be to absorb as much as I could, connect as deeply as I could, and provide comfort and love. It would be good for my patients and awful for me...


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