Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where Do I Fit In?

Talking to my career counselor has been an eye opener. I've done some soul searching. And researching. I'm beginning my job hunt with the aim of getting a job where I'll be happy. Comfortable. In other words, a good fit.
Of course, we'd all love to find a job that fits our wish list of "got to haves". And I'm well aware that with this economy and the lack of jobs out there, my chances of finding the "perfect" job that fits all my criteria is probably very slim.
One of the criteria I've been asked is what role do I feel most comfortable in at work. A leader? A follower? Or a collaborator?
I think I can safely eliminate "leader". I've never at all felt comfortable in that role. I'm too shy, and have always suffered from low self esteem. So no way would I want to be thrust into that position at work. Where all eyes would be on me. Ugh! No way! I think the only aspect of leader that is enticing to me is the prospect of recognition, raises and promotions.
A follower? Well, sometimes. It's so much easier to be a follower. With someone else being the leader, there isn't much pressure or stress on the follower. But then again, the follower will probably never be recognized for their work. It's usually the leader who gets all the credit for a job well done. So by being a follower, don't be surprised when you are overlooked time and again when its promotion time or time for a raise. Followers don't get noticed. And they don't get as much respect as the leaders.
And there's collaborator. I think that's me. Though I'm more of a lone wolf at work, I like being part of a team sometimes. When we're all working on a common goal. And everyone is equally responsible for their part of the project. If the members of the group are the right mixture and all on the same page, there's usually an energy that electrifies everyone to continue to pull the project together to a successful conclusion. I like being part of that. And I think I make a very good teammate.
How about you? What role are you the most comfortable in? And why?

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