Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween! (or was it?)

How was your Halloween?

Wasn't sure what to expect for us in our area because of the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. At the beginning of the week, I thought it might be raining cats and dogs tonight and the little kids would all have to stay home, heartbroken they couldn't put on their new costumes, make up their faces and go out trick or treating. Or I thought that Sandy would wreak havoc and it could be too dangerous for anyone to be out.

Fortunately, my town weathered the storm just fine. The rain ended earlier in the day. And it showed in the number of children that showed up at my door. Ordinarily my neighborhood is teeming w/hundreds of ghouls, witches and fairy princesses on Halloween. I'd say we've seen up to 300 kids before. But this year? Easily over 500! I ran out of treats and shut the lights when there was still super heroes roaming my street.

For about another hour after that I could still hear the howling and screeching of the roaming zombies outside my door as they searched for candy. I hid in my dark home, afraid to turn on a light or make a sound lest they find me and begin to haunt and torment me until I gave in to their evil demands for sweets.

I have 2 theories on why the numbers swelled this year.

1.  Some of the towns in my state are still cleaning up after Sandy and their power is still out. So those townies came to my neck of the woods in order to participate in the annual begging of treats (c'mon they never want tricks, now do they?)
2.  Due to Sandy, other towns have postponed Halloween until Saturday. So those smart enterprising young people decided to hit up my neighborhood tonight and then trick or treat in their own town this weekend. Lucky little monsters: Halloween comes twice this year for them.

This year sure showed me that I'm not up to this carnage anymore. Why do I keep doing it? It's not fun anymore; it's work! And who the heck likes work?

So, how was your neighborhood? Did they celebrate in your town? Did they postpone? Did you survive?

Inquiring minds need to know.................


  1. Not a single trick or treater came to my home. Our little city had Halloween downtown so there would be no concern of kids walking through downed trees and such. They had candy, stickers, face painting, all kinds of fun stuff! Some kids did the downtown thing and went door to door. Living on this dead end, noone seems to know we're here so I haven't had trick or treaters in years. I buy candy every year, just in case. I've learned to get stuff with peanuts so I can't eat it myself. ;)

    1. Hi, sister, We never get trick or treaters out here, as you know. Not to say we do not have any candy. We have had tons of the stuff. It all started about 3 weeks ago. My other half saw all those displays in the store and had to have a bag. That was just the beginning. Now 4 bags later I have banned him from entering the house without searching him.


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