Friday, November 2, 2012


It's been over 2 months now since I lost my job. Done a lot of soul searching. The first month I was still in a daze and felt like I was sleepwalking though a fog. The second month was a time of action.

I made a plan to fill my days with learning and excursions (and of course there's always the never ending errands). Most things on my list were aimed at adding to my next act. Like museum visits. Local sightseeing. Libraries. Classes. Volunteering. Travel. But I've also made time for my parents and my pets. Shopping. Meeting new people. Catching up with old friends. Things that are good for the soul, which can only benefit my job search and reinvention, right?

Also started working with a career counselor. She's been great and really helpful. We have a game plan. We're working on 2 different resumes. One is for my reinvention, the other a safety net. It'll be used if I have to fall back to working in my previous field. I'm learning a lot about new and some enhanced ways to find job opportunities and hopefull land a job. Internet searches. Networking. LinkedIn. Social Media.

I've been so busy since I lost my job that the time is flying by. I don't know how I could have worked full time and accomplished as much as I have in these last 2 months.

It's been quite a journey and eye opening experience. I'm learning a lot. And I pray that all of this work will all be worth it someday!

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