Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lazy Sunday with Keaton Simons

That was the billing. And it lived up to it. Cozy and warm. Like spending an afternoon catching up with a dear, old friend.
Since the first time I heard Keaton about 6 years ago, I became an instant fan. I love listening to his musical storytelling. Unfortunately, I've had to console myself with only his recordings and updates on social media as he lives and performs mostly on the other side of the country.

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to an accoustic performance by Keaton to be held on a Sunday afternoon at a private residence in Boston. The announcement claimed only a small amount of tickets would be sold (25?), there'd be refreshments, and we should bring chairs, pillows, and blankets. What a cool concept!

So on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, hubby and middle son accompanied me to the show. Three friends of ours also joined us. Promptly at 2:00 we arrived at an apartment in Boston. Hubby rang the bell. The door opened to reveal Keaton who welcomed us with a huge smile and a warm embrace. He led us inside and down a spiral staircase to the living room area. After setting up our chairs and pillows, we helped ourselves to drinks (yummy mimosas!) and delicious food (the bruschetta was awesome!), then settled in for the afternoon. We chatted with the other guests and Keaton.

A few minutes later, he sat down on a wooden chair, tuned his guitar and the show began. I immediately recognized some old personal favorites and sang along. Songs like "Nobody Knows", "Currently", and "Unstoppable". (It was so much better to hear them performed live than to listen to them thru little headphones via my iPod.)

It was exciting to hear new tunes that'll be on an upcoming CD along with songs that have been featured on national tv shows. Sprinkled inbetween, Keaton provided some interesting and at times funny background on how the songs came to life. He told about the talented artists he's written songs with. He also opened a window into his own personal life by telling us snippits about his family and their influence on his songwriting.

About an hour into the show, Keaton took a short break which gave us the opportunity to refresh our drinks, eat some more, and chat. Then he picked up his guitar again and finished up the show with another hour of fantastic music. He took requests and played more familiar tunes like "Masterpiece". I didn't want the afternoon to end.

I so enjoyed this show! But I admit I was sad as the last notes played. I knew it'd be a long time til I'd see Keaton perform again.

After heartfelt hugs and promises to keep in touch, we headed home. Hubby had to get some sleep before he went to work later on that night. Son headed out to practice with his band. One of my friends from the show stayed over and we finished the evening chatting into the wee hours about the fantastic afternoon we had.

Definitely a different but wonderful show. Loved how personal and intimate it felt. I just hope I don't have to wait years again until Keaton comes around these parts. 

If you'd like to learn more about Keaton and check out his music, head over to his website: . You won't be disappointed. I promise.


  1. Hopefully we'll only have to wait until spring to be able to see Keaton again, Kate! That's when he'll be supporting the new cd...

  2. I'll be watching for him Suzi, so we can have some more good times, Steve!


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