Monday, November 19, 2012

My Backyard: Women's Expo; Rhodes on the Pawtuxet

I love spending time with my sisters. I have 5 of them so there's always an opportunity for gal-time. And since we love all things fashion, beauty, shopping and girly, we're always looking for events that bring it all together and we're there! Last month, 2 of my sisters went with me to the "What Women Want" Expo held on a Sunday afternoon at the Rhodes On the Pawtuxet in Cranston. It was presented by Alex and Ani and hosted by lady dj's from local music stations 92PRO-FM, Lite Rock 105, and HOT 106. A portion of the proceeds went to Women & Infants Breast Health Center.

Two floors of vendors displayed all kinds of goodies from cooking to beauty to health and fitness, like the Zumba demonstration. Everything a woman would be interested in. There were even some great giveaways, like a $10,000 shopping spree! (and darn it! no we did not win....sniff sniff!)

The advertisement for the Expo teased about a secret musical guest star. It turned out to be the first winner of the tv show, the X Factor/USA: 
Melanie Amaro. What a great singing voice! She sang a few songs to a very appreciative audience and then held meet & greets after the show with the lucky few who were chosen to meet her.
We also had other entertainment. There was local duo "The Fontaine Brothers" who turned out some great sounding music we enjoyed while strolling thru the exhibits. And then there were the "Men of Desire" who did a choreographed number for a very enthusiastic group of women attendees!

We sampled wine, appetizers and nibbled on strawberries dipped in chocolate. There was a beauty lounge and a bangle bar displaying a large beautiful assortment of bracelets from Alex & Ani. And of course there was a real cocktail bar too!

A highlight of the Expo was a fashion show featuring the latest trends at Macy's. Joining the female models and lady dj's on stage to strut the runways were local firemen who'll be appearing in an upcoming 2013 calendar for charity. 
I saw quite a few looks on the runway that I think need further investigation. Will definitely be planning a trip to the Macy's ladies department soon! (Oh, sisters.....road trip anyone?) 

I was also very excited to have the opportunity to meet Michaela Johnson, a host on the local morning tv show, "The Rhode Show". I love this show so much I set the DVR so I don't miss a single episode. I enjoy watching to see what Michaela is up to and where she'll be next!
So all in all it was another great outing with the sisters. We're always scouting for new adventures. You just never know where we'll show up next!


  1. It was a great time sis!! Soo much fun!! We definitely need to check out Macy's. There were alot of items I'd like to see. It's always fun to share these activites with my sisters! Hope to all get together soon!!

  2. i know, right?!? let's check our calendars and set up a shopping trip. there's the new nordstrom rack in warwick. how about that?

  3. Just reading this post reminds me of how much fun the day was! Love spending quality time with my sisters! I am in need of boots! My old black boots fell apart! They were so old! Yes, Nordstrom Rack! I already mentioned to Nancy about Notdstrom!

  4. so let's set a date sisters! i'm SURE you'll find a pair of great boots at The Rack!

  5. Yes, let's set a date! Love the pics from the expo!

  6. thanks helen! i'm sure we'll find a date that works for all of us.


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