Saturday, November 3, 2012

Research...Yes it is!

Heading to a nightclub on a Saturday night for some research...yes, you read that right .... research! It is! Honest!

Here's the scoop: As part of my reinvention I know I need to get involved with something that I'm passionate about. Something that's suited to my hobbies and skills. Something I'm a fan of. Something that'll add to my knowledge, create connections, and who knows? Perhaps it'll lead to the type of job I've dreamed of. A job I love.

I think I've found it. The Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame.

The Hall is a relatively new venture. The organization hopes to assemble a comprehensive place to honor the music of RI: the musicians, writers, composers, producers, venues.

I heard the call for volunteers and signed up. I've connected with a member of the board whose goal is to put together a website of resources and information about all the venues in the State. I love that idea and told him "I'm In!".

So, back to the research. I feel so out of the loop sometimes on what's going on in my own backyard. I need to get out there more, visit RI venues and check out the music scene. I'm starting tonight with Steve Smith and the Nakeds at Corinne's in Pawtucket. The band has been around for years and are a RI institution. But its been years since I've seen them or visited Corinne's so I'm off to do my duty (accompanyed by my obliging little sister).

Like I said, research. Work. But who said you couldn't have fun while working! Go me!

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