Monday, November 12, 2012

Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass - My "AHA" Moment

I used to love watching the Oprah Show. I like her optimism. Now she has her own network (fittingly called “OWN”) and an excellent new series called “Lifeclass”. It’s an interesting concept. The show is an interactive classroom with a live audience where Oprah invites in a guest, some type of life expert, every week to impart a life lesson. The at-home audience can participate with the show online by tweeting or skyping in with a question or comment on the topic of the day.

So this past weekend I watched a recent episode. On the show was Pastor Joel Osteen, he of the 40k member Lakewood Church in Houston. I almost turned the channel because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be preached to but I decided to give it a chance. After all, part of my reinvention is to keep myself open for any opportunity or lesson that could help me with this new period of my life. And I think I found something that could really make a difference for me.

Pastor Osteen and Oprah chatted about how people say negative things about themselves  - “I am fat”, “I am a loser”, “I am stupid”, etc.  And sometimes these type of declarations can become self-fulfilling prophecies. According to Pastor Osteen, whatever follows the words “I am” will come looking for you. So for example, you find yourself saying “I am...worthless”. What’s going to happen is that the feeling of worthlessness will come right back at you. Over and over as long as you keep saying it. Conversely, if you say “I am…confident”, that belief in yourself, that self-confidence will be aimed right at you. Over and over as long as you keep repeating it to yourself. And c’mon, which one of those feelings would you rather have?

It's like you become what you believe. By voicing negative thoughts, you’re giving power to those words. And if that’s so, then try turning it around. Give the power to positive thoughts. Those words will lift you up, keep you going. Even in the toughest of times.

Don’t say “I am not able to do this”. Say “I am going to give it a try” or “I am capable”.

Don’t say “I am ugly”. Instead say “I am beautiful”.  

Oprah and Pastor Osteen both agree that by repeating positive affirmations and not negative ones, it will bring you peace. And when you’re at peace you are in a position of power. And with that power, you will be in a better position to deal with anything that comes your way. And again, wouldn’t you rather be in a position of power than feel powerless?

Pastor Osteen claims that what we believe today can have an effect on where we will be down the road. So if we give power to words and put those words on repeat, that positivity will lead us to a much better place in our life in the future. We will reap what we sow.

Oprah offered her own suggestions to stay positive. For instance, every morning when she awakes, before she gets caught up in her daily to-do’s, she says “thank you” out loud. She’s grateful to have another day. To LIVE. To BE. And every day she’s alive she knows that she is still here to continue her purpose for being. I get that. If I’m still breathing, I still have a purpose for being here so I can't give up now. I've got work to do! 


I came away a believer. Not in Pastor Osteen. Not in a particular religion. But a believer in the message he and Oprah stressed during the show. I AM. Two little words. Two powerful little words. Two powerful little words that can create positive change, positively impact the direction of my life.

Believe in myself. Steer clear of the negative. Shout out the positives. Invite the good karma and goodness into my life. Realign my thoughts, divert the negative to a positive. I will reap the benefits by living longer and happier. More fullfilled. And honor my purpose for being.

Does that make sense to you? What do you think?


  1. I knew it, Jackie! The AHA moment sure made a believer out of me.

  2. Oprah is my hero. Or thorn in my side.
    In 1994 she ran her first and only marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, in a very credible time of 4:29:15.

    Every rookie marathoner wants to equal her time.

    I am still trying to catch her!

  3. ha! I didn't know that, brother. i think you run a very respectable time (and I'm jealous! i'm just hoping i can do a 5k!)

  4. Thank you for a timely reminder of the power of my own words and the intentions I put out to the universe. Every moment of every day is a chance to define and reinvent ourselves. Every one of those moments is the chance to firmly state "I AM" and mean it.

  5. you're welcome, suzi! we always can use reminders to keep us on the right path.


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