Thursday, November 15, 2012

Off to See the Wizard of Hair - Michael Galvin Salon

Hair Style Color

Just got back from the Michael Galvin Salon, one of my fav places. No matter how I'm feeling when I walk in there, I always feel better (not to mention look better!) when I walk out. I love feeling pampered. My stylist, Linda, makes sure of that.

Its been more than 15 years since I ran to Linda to fix a bad haircut I had gotten from another salon. She worked her magic and I was hooked. She's my style wizard. Through the short cuts, the long layers, the high and low lights, the various shades of red. She's made my hair look spectacular.

Most importantly she's helped me to hold back father time. I feel like she's kept me looking younger than my 51 years. Not sure if other people think I do but I sure feel like it. And that's what matters. How I feel inside. How my hairstyle makes me feel.

Not sure why hair is so important to woman. I don't think men think their hair is such a big deal. So what makes us feel this way? Why does my self esteem and self confidence rise when my hair looks its best?

Who knows? Not sure what the psychology is behind it. All I know is I need my monthly hair salon fix. Even being unemployed hasn't kept me away. If anything, its been the one bit of norm that I still have, that I cling to. I'm so glad that the salon and Linda are still there for me, especially now.

How about you? Are you attached to your hairdresser? Would love to get your feedback!


  1. i'll admit, i'm not much of a hair person..i'm blessed with "great hair"..i roll out & go...and i'm naturally a REDHEAD, so zero stylist Caitlin is amazing & tolerates the MONTHS & MONTHS i go in between look FABULOUS...

  2. thanks Steve!
    Jackie: Thank u! i so envy "roll out of bed" people like u. my hair is always a mess! i have a lot of body in my hair so my pillow puts it in all kinds of weird styles! i was born a drab brunette w/auburn highlights. when i got older (and grey in my 20's) started playing up the red, hiding the grey. its so much work! wish i could go months w/o seeing Linda. then again i really like her so its a pleasure to see her every 4 wks.


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