Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ranch Homes - Not just for the 50's anymore

Read an interesting article today.

"Why 1950s-style ranch homes are all the rage again"

I live in a ranch style home. No, it wasn't my first choice but it was what we could afford 20 years ago when we were house hunting. And we're still here because it's all we can afford. But it also works for us. I really don't like trudging up and down stairs. And no, it isn't because I hate exercise (tho its not my fav activity). Mostly because of my back condition; i have to tread lightly when it comes to stairs.

However, I do have stairs leading to a finished basement. And that bothers me. It's rough going for me to carry laundry up and down the stairs to the basement laundry so that's become hubby's job. I also worry when little ones are visiting and they head down to the basement family room. (Had hubby put in an extra hand rail....worried grandma here!)

My next house will be completely on one level. An open floor plan will be nice...just in case I end up in a wheelchair...don't want to have to contend with narrow doorways like the ones in my current home.

What do you think? Are you a fan of ranch homes? Single level homes? Are you sick of seeing people erecting mcmansions like I am?


  1. My ranch home was built in 1954 and only has one level. The backdoor steps of concrete were made for ones with better stability and joints...I dislike them and seldom ever use them. Luckily after ankle was rebuilt I could manage a hwell chair thru it. Great blog my friend.


  2. thanks for liking my blog, Damon!
    my home was built in 1955 and it sounds a lot like yours. i also have those stupid concrete steps, but they're on the front. i keep after hubby to take them down, cover them up or something. hey, we're not getting any younger and its getting harder to climb them!


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