Monday, November 19, 2012

Marathon Part II - Myles Standish State Forest, Plymouth, MA

He's at it again. My brother ran another marathon this past weekend. This time I wasn't just a spectator, I was a volunteer.
My sister-in-law was captaining a team of volunteers and asked if I wanted to join in. Of course I said sure!
So yesterday hubby and i got up in the wee hours of the morning. Headed to Plymouth for 6am to meet up with my brother and his wife. Let me tell was COLD!! Brrrrrr....Temps were in the 30's. Hard to believe people want to run in such cold weather!
We drove through the early morning mist of the beautiful Myles Standish Forest, thinking about the runners about to embark on a race along the same hilly, windy road.
We found our way to the beginning of the race area and went to work at the registration tables where about 600 participants signed in. Some were running as marathoners, others were part of relay teams made up of between 2 and 5 runners. At the relay table, we welcomed teams and handed out race shirts and batons.
With that completed, we went to watch the start of the race. With the blast of a horn, they were off. It was quite a sight to see all those determined runners heading off to accomplish their mission of the day.
After they passed, we followed my sister-in-law to a transition area where runners raced by and relay team runners passed a baton to a teammate. We  offered water and gatorade to all the participants, cheered them on and wished them well on the remainder of the course.
When we knew the last runner had passed by, we headed to the finish line near the Bayside Runner store in Plymouth where anxious family and friends were awaiting the runners. (The store was the sponsor for this first annual Myles Standish Marathon and Marathon Relay.) Hubby and and I jumped in to help. We wrapped mylar blankets around runners crossing the finish line. Another volunteer gave the runners their medals for successfully completing the race.
Before long we spied my brother rounding the corner and heading for home. I greeted him at the finish line by draping a blanket around his shoulders and giving him a big hug. His wife placed the race medal around his neck. Runners from his local running club, who also had run the race, were on hand to cheer for him and offer their congratulations. Though the fatigue was evident in his face and the sag of his shoulders, the happiness and self satisfaction he felt at completing the marathon showed in his smile.
What an experience! I really admire all those racers who came out on a cold sunny Sunday morning to realize a personal triumph. I'm envious. A tip of my hat to all of them! Congrats Runner!


  1. Thanks so much! You really did not know what you were getting into when you said you would help.
    Glad that you enjoyed it.
    Next year?

  2. I didn't know. But it turned out great! Count me in for next year, Howie! hope you weren't hurting too much on Monday. don't know how you do it.
    And once again, CONGRATS RUNNER!

  3. Congrats, Howie! That's awesome that you got to volunteer, Kathy!

  4. Congrats, Howie! That's awesome that you got to volunteer, Kathy!

  5. maybe you can tag along next time, helen? cuz i'm sure our brother will be running another marathon before too long!

  6. Sure, keep me informed of the date and time! Thanks!


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